ELYA is not about transactional relationships. We take time to learn about your establishment so we know how to best serve you. The timeline of our relationship will look something like this: 

•    Meet with admin team to set expectations.
•    One mock up lunch “date” with your admin team.
•    Services are edited based on feedback.
•    We schedule your service and live happily ever after. 


Eat Like Your Ancestors, aka ELYA, is a natural food service company that prioritizes food quality, sustainability and connection. We offer customizable services because ordering food for a diverse workforce can be difficult. Our goal is to provide delicious food at your workplace, while adding a touch of genuine hospitality to your day. ELYA can turn any office space into a welcoming restaurant.

We strive for sustainability by utilizing the whole plant or animal. Our chefs create nutrient dense dishes that mitigate waste. Check out our Instagram or facebook to see examples of full utilization recipes. 


Transparent communication is a value we hold close. Good relationships are based on trust. We will never hide a technique, process, or ingredient. Proudly, we are an open book.