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Vending Machine. Organic food store. Fast food restaurant. Online prepared meals store. Healthy food subscription box.

Eat Like Your Ancestors, aka ELYA, is a natural food service company that prioritizes food quality, sustainability and connection. Our mission is to revolutionize the food system by making nutrient-dense, sustainable, food more accessible to everyone. Using our SmartFridge technology (ElyaFridge) we can provide residential, commercial, and healthcare facilities with nourishing food every hour of the day.  

Anyone looking to provide  delicious, nourishing meals. ELYA works with groups of any size. No cafeteria or kitchen required. When it comes to serving you, flexibility and accommodation is our main focus

We are taking responsibility over food service waste. Out of respect for the earth and livestock, we utilize 100% of all ingredients and support farms practicing regenerative agriculture. We never use plastics or chemicals that are harmful to us or our environment.

Without getting too far in the weeds (pun intended), we use local ingredients grown in nutrient dense soil. We choose foods that are known for nourishing. That’s it! No toxic oils, fake colors, genetically engineered veggies or lab grown “food”. 

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